Multi-Character Caricature for London Based Construction Company

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Group Caricature for London Based Company

At the start of the year I drew a multi-character caricature, as a staff member leaving present, for a large, London based construction company. There was one major and eighteen minor characters to incorporate into the design and I really enjoyed doing it.

Multi-Character Caricature for Company Calendar

Multi-Character Caricature for Company Calendar

I’ve done several multi-character caricatures and it’s particularly gratifying when get a good result because lots of people are pleased at the same time.

Though some people are harder to caricature than others, given two or three up-to date photos that are good likenesses of the subject I can get a good result in all cases.

The word caricature, often misspelt as charicature, does not come from character, as I assumed, but basically means ‘loaded portrait’ and is, according to Wikipedia, ‘a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness’.

I’ve always enjoyed the work of British caricaturists, and I have modern collections of the 18th and 19th century artists such as Thomas Rowlandson, James Gillray and George Cruickshank. Though not classified as a caricaturist, as he generally captured true likeness in his engravings and paintings of political commentary, William Hogarth is my favourite artist and he did do some excellent caricatures.

Growing up in 1960s I admired the work of Ralph Steadman, Willie Rushton and Gerald Scarfe though I found them rather savage and I tended toward the gentler styles of American artists like Mort Drucker and Jack Davis, whose work appeared in Mad magazine.

The Who - Group Caricature

The Who - Group Caricature

In the 1980s and 90s Spitting Image brought caricature into 3D on TV and had huge effect on some politicians careers. Today newspapers generally carry a cartoon of political caricature. Christian Adams in the Telegraph is one of my favourites.

I have done some political caricatures and cartoons of a more gentle nature and a few celebrity caricatures – I did a 60s version of The Who that I was pleased with – though the majority of my work tends to be personal and corporate caricatures for gifts, either individual or group caricatures.

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