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I’m very happy to say that I have been invited by the wonderful Cheryl Banks to run a cartoon club at The Creative Hub,
Wealden House, Lewes Road, East Grinstead.


After my last blog about one-to-one art tuition with a senior student I’m pleased to be returning to add working with a small class of younger artists to my schedule. I have worked with students at schools around the area with ages from 5 to 15 years and with groups from 4 to 30 in number. I even delivered a 2 hour class to 100 pupils in a school hall – we had a ball !

The joy about cartoon classes is that everyone can draw something, even if they say they can’t draw – they find out that they can. This includes the mums and dads at Parents and Kids days.
If you can write the word ‘cool.’ you can draw a face with those letters – like this:-


(Yeah, okay, I had to reverse the letter C for one of his ears)

But that, of course, is too simple for most and the imagination and drawing skill of some students is quite remarkable and a joy to see.

I have recently been approached to run a day of art classes at a residential school near Liverpool. I’ll let you know if that comes off – we’re discussing travel expenses.

I usually start the classes with facial expressions, supplying templates as necessary, then move onto body shapes and actions.
Students like to see and draw pictures of their favourite cartoon characters, e.g. Bart Simpson, SpongeBob SquarePants, Bugs Bunny etc.. so we can do that.

We also draw animals, create our own characters and do simple animation flick books.
Over time we develop skills in perspective, story-telling and lettering amongst other things.

About The Creative Hub

The Creative Hub was founded in December 2013. Located at Wealden House, a beautiful Edwardian Building on the A22 (Lewes Road), a few minutes drive from East Grinstead town centre. What is unique about The Creative Hub is that the workshops are not formal classes; each child is allowed to explore his or her own ideas and use whatever medium they wish. Whether that be water colours, pastels or pens, truth is – anything goes! It’s all about freedom of choice and it’s all about having fun!

About Cartoon Club, East Grinstead

The club starts on November and classes run regularly on Tuesdays after school 3:30 – 4:30 and 4:45 – 5:45. Classes cost £8.00 per person per hour .

If you know of anyone who may be interested in joining the club or giving it a go just let me know.
For any queries or further information please contact: or me via my contact page.



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